Mojo #253

I’m Deeply moved, many thanks Mr. Tim Gane.

mojo #253

Ilitch – Peripherikredcommando
(From 10 suicides LP, Scopa Insisible, 1980)
“Ilitch, alias French musician and artist Thierry Müller, recorded two LPs as the ’70s turned into the ’80s, and both are a heavy electric trip. This track is from the second one, 10 Suicides, and is a kind of mash up between The Velvet Underground, Chrome and all those records with very sped-up vocals. The sped-up singing doesn’t sound too humorous here though, in fact it’s all quite bleak and, like Chrome of the same period, has a seriousness born of vicious intensity. A rather vital and obsessive track all the same. »

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