This is the first time that Patrick and Thierry Müller have found themselves as a duo since the recording of the “Coma Programma Sessions 1976/77/78”.
This idea of working together again, after many separate musical adventures, comes from the discovery of a forgotten photo of their youth taken during a family vacation. Ambivalent memory of an adolescence which could lure you into a nostalgia for a lost paradise: the photography (and the others of the cover) shows two brothers in an ordinary and falsely happy reality glimpsed in a family photo album.

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2022 – CD
6 flaps cardboard sleeve, 180 x 180 mm
trAce label (trAce 057)


1. Robert & Robert
2. La faculté du sombre
3. Marcel
4. Rêve et réalité
5. Les cauchemars de nos choix
6. La genèse du désordre
7. Vos désirs sont nos angoisses
8. Réminiscence
9. Le syndrome de Stendhal
10. Là où il y a révolution il y a confusion
11. Il n’y a que le casino qui gagne !
12. Dressé sur les eaux de l’ennui
13. La rose est l’amie de l’épine
14. Hommage à L. F.

Patrick Müller : synthesizer, electrosonic, field recording, samples
Thierry Müller : guitar, bass, synthesizer, keyboards, samples, electronic

Recorded between 2018 and 2021 by Patrick and Thierry Müller
Mixing & mastering : Patrick Müller
Produced by Patrick and Thierry Müller
Cover : Thierry Müller
Photos : Rina Rubechi-Müller and Quentin Rollet

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