Édouard Nono/Thierry Müller – Culture


Sgraffite 5/6. 1980.II (cover)

1980 – One side EP 7″ – Herr Rhitma Corp. (Scopa/HRH 001)

Limited edition of 1000 copies, paper jacket, page 65 inside the art revue Sgraffite 5/6. 1980.II.

Culture (11.55).

Édouard Nono: text, voice.
Thierry Müller: music, organ, sequenced vocoder, reggy, rythmbox.
Patrick Müller: background EMS synthetizer.
Produced by Thierry Müller for Sgraffite.

Art work and production: Thierry Müller.

Sold out. To buy digital EP: Bandcamp

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