Ilitch & Ruth… in Bull Tongue Review n°5

Thank you Andrea Feldman, Byron Coley & Thurston Moore!

“Superior Viaduct comes through with another ingenious batch of reissues. The first two Ilitch albums, Periodikmindtrouble and 10 Suicides, are done so beautifully, we were almost tempted to strike the first one from our want list. But fuck that. Andrea Feldman writes beautifully on the band elsewhere in the issue, but these are essential chunks of prog-into-art-punk strangeness that stand up to huge gobs of listening. Like This Heat, these guys gobbled everything good and spat it out in new form. Amazing stuff.” Bull Tongue by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore.


Thierry Müller’s Cold Wave Guises: Ilitch + Ruth by Andrea Feldman.
(web version here)

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