Ilitch – Un jour comme tant d’autres



Cardboard gatefold sleeve.

Sold out. To buy digital album: Bandcamp

2011 – CD – Beta-lactam Ring Records (mt 272)


Track list
Morning Dream (7:34)
Travail-Famille-Patrie (13:19)
Depressive Evening* (12:21)
Marche ou crève** (9:50)
But Nothing Happen (7:22)
Helena Rodriguez (10:27)

Composed by Thierry Müller.
T. M.: Farfisa organ, Elka keyboard, guitar, tapes, hammer, EMS (on 3).
(1-2-4-5-6) Live recording at La Maison du Portugal Theatre, Cité Universitaire, Paris, 1975.
* Recorded at Studio Janine, Le Perreux, France, 1975.
** Aditional guitars by Ruth M. Ellyeri recorded at Studio Janine, Le Perreux, France, 1977.
Recorded on 4-tracks Teac recorder, mix on Revox A77.
Edited, remastered and produced by Thierry Müller, 2011.
Artwork: T. M. Inside photo: Jean-Pierre Lespade.

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