Thierry Müller/Quentin Rollet – Langueur dérivative


Thierry Müller / Quentin Rollet - Langueur dérivative

Second collaboration on an album by Thierry Müller and Quentin Rollet.
Originally composed for a film score, tracks 1 to 8 has been reworked for this album.

To buy: Bandcamp
2021 – digital album – ilitchmusic (IM-D2103)


1 Fallen Angel
2 One More Nightmare
3 Dérive
4 Look At Yourself
5 Behind The Curtain
6 Pretty As A Picture
7 Bouche de larmes
8 Fallen Angel Variation
9 The Sigmund Translation
10 Le Broyeur d’âmes
11 Schizo Conversation
12 Soft Thoughts

Thierry Müller: keyboards, guitars, synthesizer, percussion
Quentin Rollet: saxophones, vocals
Milena Drither-Lerru: cello on Dérive

Recorded, edited, mixed and produced by Thierry Müller at ilitchmusic, from 2017 to 2020.
Sax parts (9,10, 11, 12) recorded by Patrick Müller at Studio Pierre Schaeffer.
Mastered by Patrick Müller, 2020.
Polaroid by Thierry Müller.


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