Ilitch - Seuls les anges ont des ailes


Limited edition of 25 copies numbered from 1 to 25 and signed:
5 series of 5 copies.
Each exemplar contains:
– Three sided gatefold with die-cut letters on the front: 160 gram black grain paper.
– LP (hand cut, 180 Grams)
– 1 inkjet print 30×30 cm on white canvas paper 290 grams, numbered and signed
– 1 inkjet print 30×30 cm on 160 gram grain paper with the 4 other images, signed
– 1 inkjet print 30×30 cm on 160 gram grain paper (liner notes)
– 1 pocket with cut-out letters
– Cut-out paper angel wings
– Download code

To buy: Bandcamp
2024 – LP
Art Edition
Astres d’Or (d’or75)

Side A
Seuls les anges ont des ailes
– Part I
Thierry Müller: brass samples, guitar, treatments
– Part II
Thierry Müller: tom bass, piano, organ, guitar
– Intermezzo I (edit version)
Thierry Müller: Mellotron, bass, ringmod guitar
– Part III – Featuring Doria Daubanes
Doria Daubanes: violin
Thierry Müller: piano, keyboards, guitar
– Intermezzo II
Thierry Müller: synths

Side B
Trop de mots
– Part I – Featuring Marija Kovacevic
Marija Kovacevic: broken violins
Thierry Müller: Samples, synths, modified guitar, tapes
– Part II
Patrick Müller: programming piano and brass sequences
Thierry Müller: piano, keyboards
– Part III
Thierry Müller: Field recording, guitars, organ
Milena Drither Lerru: cello

Composed by Thierry Müller except:
Trop de mots – Part II (Patrick & Thierry Müller),
Seuls les anges ont des ailes – Part III (Doria Daubanes, Thierry Müller)
Damien Van Lede: distorted voice on the full digital version
of Seuls les anges ont des ailes – Intermezzo I
Recorded at ilitchmusic
Mixed by Patrick & Thierry Müller
Mastered by Patrick Müller
Artwork: Thierry Müller
Produced by Thierry Müller

Many thanks to
Kiki ( for helping me to realize cover cut,
Doria daubanes and Marija Kovacevic for her kind
and marvelous participation,
and Raymond DIJKSTRA from Astres d’Or
for his kindness and more.



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