2023. Thierry Müller & NowCut

April 8, 2023. Live at Antonin Artaud auditorium of Ivry-sur-Seine Mediathèque with 9 of the participants in the « Lutherie sauvage » workshops led by Thierry Müller and NowCut (Stéphanie Briand, Philippe Desclais). Photos: Jjgfree, Sylvie Moisy

2018. Pepe Wismer/Thierry Müller/Marc Sens

December 3, 2018. Live @ Souffle continu record store. Photos: Théo Jarrier

2016. A.C. HELLO

November 23, 2016. A.c. Hello @ Instants chavirés, Montreuil.
A.c. Hello avec Jac Berrocal, Jean-Noël Cognard, Guillaume Loizillon, Patrick Müller, Thierry Müller, Quentin Rollet et Laurent Saïet. Photos: Jjgfree

2015. Quentin Rollet & Thierry Müller

October 21, 2015. Quentin Rollet & Thierry Müller live @ Instants chavirés, Montreuil.

2015. Quentin Rollet & Thierry Müller

October 9, 2015. Quentin Rollet & Thierry Müller live @ Souffle continu, Paris.

2014. DILDO

21-22 October 2014. Dildo recording session in the auditorium of Châtenay-Malabry, France.
Ben Ajrab (basse, noise, vocal), Cathy Heyden (sax, objects, vocal), Automne Lajeat (cello), Thierry Müller (guitar, tone generator).

2013. Valentina (Mushy) & Thierry Müller

June 2013. Valentina recording at ilitchmusic and Valentina and me at Grauzone Festival. Photos: © Thierry Müller, RR.

2013. Konstrukcija & Thierry Müller

February 8, 2013. konstrukcija invite Thierry Müller and Jenny Augusto to play their cover of Polaroid/Roman/Photo.

2010. Ilitch featuring Nicholas Littlemore

Nicholas Littlemore, visiting Paris, joined Ilitch to perform Stand up. Live at Instants chavirés, Montreuil. Ilitch: Fred Nipi (Analog Modular System), Franq de Qengo (drums, electronics, vocal), Thierry Müller (guitar, vocal, synths), Patrick Müller (synths, electrosonic).

2009-2011. Aaron Moore & Thierry Müller

October 10, 2009, recording session at Le Tremplin with Joris Pinard (sound engineer), Ivry-sur-Seine. Live at night with Alexandre Bélanger and Arnaud Rivière at Espace B, Paris.
Spring 2011, live at Instants chavirés, Montreuil.

2009. Roma, « Far From Paradise » recording sessions

Recording session at Audio Division, Roma. Valentinna Fanigliulo, Lou Chano and Andrea Penso. Photos: © Thierry Müller.


Salmigondis live. Judith Khan (vocal), Jean-Pierre Barja (bass), Jean-Noël Cognard (drums, objects), Jérôme Declercq (sax, electronics), Ludovic Renaud (Korg MS20, electronics, objects), Thierry Müller (guitar).

2008. ILITCH

Ilitch first concert since 1975 at L’Étrange Musique, Acte II – 11 octobre 2008, La Maison des Métallos, Paris. Fred Nipi (Analog Modular System), Franq de Qengo (drums, electronics, vocal), Thierry Müller (guitar, vocal, synths), Patrick Müller (synths, electrosonic).

2007. Nicholas Littlemore & Thierry Müller

One of the recording session of Nicholas Littlemore and Thierry Müller with Chris Valejo (sound engineer) at Linear Recording, Sydney.

1985. RUTH

Photos of Ruth by Frédéric Lapierre and Jacques Mesple.

1984. CRASH

Crash first time on stage at Rouen. Philippe Doray (vocal, EMS, Korg vocoder), Thierry Müller (guitar, Farfisa VIP 233, Devila experimental electronic drum).

1974-1976. ILITCH

The beginnings of Ilitch.

1974. ARCANE

A recording session of ARCANE in the countryside. Marc Barety (tapes, electronics, percussion), Thierry Müller (tapes, electronics, guitar), Pascal Potain (electronics, objects, vocal, percussion), Frédéric Riches (flute).


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