Christophe Manon/Thierry Müller – Testament


Testament - Christophe Manon, Thierry Müller, Anne Van Der Linde - BIS-012-U

108 pages book (in French) by Christophe Manon, illustrated by Anne Van Der Linden with a CD of the text read by the author, music by Thierry Müller

To buy: Bandcamp

2020 – Book + CD –Bisou records/Dernier télégramme (BIS-012-U)


Testament (Part I)
Testament (Part II)
Testament (Part III)

Christophe Manon: text, spoken word
Thierry Müller: composition, keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, samples

Recorded at ilitchmusic by Thierry Müller, 2017.
Mix by Patrick Müller and Thierry Müller. Produced by Thierry Müller.
Cover design: TM.
Cover illustration: Anne Van Der Linden.

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