ilitch - Seuls les anges ont des ailes

LP Limited Art edition of 25 copies numbered from 1 to 25 and signed: 5 series of 5 copies.

Pepe Wismeer / Thierry Müller — Curieuse Quiétude

2nd collaboration between Pepe Wismeer and Thierry Müller

Marija Kovacevic / Thierry Müller - A Rainy Afternoon Near Paris

Marija and I met at the end of June at "Broken Impro #11" organized by Romain Perrot at Le Chair de Poule in which we both participated. The next day, over a drink at the Baron Rouge, we decided to meet again on her next visit to Paris in October and to do a recording session at my place.


New ilitch album. This is the first time that Patrick and Thierry Müller have found themselves as a duo since the recording of the “Coma Programma Sessions 1976/77/78”.


Album featuring Aaron Moore, Jac Berrocal, Milena Drither-Lerru, Quentin Rollet.